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Mean, haughty and prideful, Vanessa aims to become Captain of her own Exorcist company one day. In the meantime, she must serve her dues with the other Sparrows. Elder sister to Kenzie Wiles, Vanessa is an overbearing, protective older sibling. She can oftentimes be seen bossing him around, when not barking orders at others.

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Intuitive, Instinctual, Task Oriented, Can be seen as cold, Self-sufficient and Goal Oriented, Can be boastful. Can be easily upset. Feminine, Focused on all things girly, beauty. Superior attitude, Can be self-absorbed, Full of it, low self-esteem, Need to be seen as an expert, May try to change others or situation. Inability to see the needs of others, Draws the attention back to herself, often a show off.



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