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A powerful succubus of Hell, Vamiir commands powers over cold and frost. Seductive and with a penchant for domination, Vamiir is a beautifully vindictive Demon seeking only to exact her revenge upon her nemesis, Ceolizohr Raam. Within the Mortal Realm, she is known as Lady Valentine.

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With her mother, Demiess, being a succubus, Vamiir has many siblings. However, there aren't many who are even worth mentioning.

Her father, the former Lord of Carniventis, was slain by its current Lord, Nias. Vamiir's father, Bolvaar the Profane, was deceived and betrayed by his mate, Vamiir's mother. After siring a demon with another succubus, Demiess sought her revenge and moved to replace him with another demon. Demiess approached one of his lieutenants, Nias, and she quickly accepted the offer. 

Vamiir's rival and half-brother, Ceolizohr, is responsible for her missing arm.


Seductive, Charming, Loves being in control, Often provokes jealousy, Fashion Conscious. Cold, Unforgiving, Vindictive, Holds grudges. Feminine, Focused on all things girly, beauty, Flirtatious.



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