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Since birth, Dietrich has always suffered from chronic illnesses and weak health. With his future as an Exorcist impeded, Dietrich instead focused his interests elsewhere. Throughout his life, Dietrich has oftentimes felt a disappointment to those around him. He had failed his father, being too sickly to pursue a career with the Exorcists. Dietrich's childhood was marred by the terrorizing and harassing bullies he met with at school. When his life was at stake, he sought to stave off death. Luckily for him, Carmilla had been keeping her eye on him. She had him turned into a vampire, on the condition that he sever his familial ties, and serve the Exorcists for a minimum of five years. To better help him shed his old life, Carmilla sent him to Median, and assigned him to lead an Exorcist Company. Dietrich now heads Sparrow Company as their Captain.

Personal Details

Physical Description

A morose looking man, Dietrich has been described as appearing hauntingly beautiful. With an angular, heart-shaped face, Dietrich has a pale complexion that is only slightly marred by a pair of scars. There is one that crosses the bridge of his nose and over his left eye. They are faint, and light, looking more like mere discolorations rather than scars.

He has gaunt cheeks, and a long pointed nose. He has fairly full lips, and a pointed chin. Dietrich has wide-set, hooded eyes with crystal-blue iris'. His features have a greyish, purple tint to them, most notably around his eyes and his lips. While he no longer has the need to wear his glasses, he continues to wear them for Autumn's sake, who has grown accustomed to seeing them on him.

He has shoulder-length, white hair that is slightly wavy. It is typically kept secured in a loose ponytail at the back of his head, tied with a black ribbon.

Standing at roughly 6' 7" tall, Dietrich is taller than the average human male. He is on the thin side, and hidden beneath his apparel is a toned and muscular body.


Dietrich's father, Ekkehard Totenkopf, served as Captain of the Blutkreuz. An Exorcist Company known for their violence and tenacity, Ekkehard is a cold and humorless man. No one would guess Ekkehard is married to gentle and demure Ursel. Now retired from the Exorcists, Ekkehard lives comfortably on his family's wealth and fortune.

Ursel, like most daughters in Pinnacle, was married off to a wealthy family to ensure her future. While a kind woman, she had no love for Ekkehard. She spends much of her time gossiping with the other housewives.

Albert, Dietrich's younger brother by two years, has always been Ekkehard's favorite. He was confident and strong willed like their father, something Dietrich lacked. Where Dietrich had been a disappointment, Albert excelled at every possible opportunity. He took over leading Blutkreuz when their father retired.

Krista is Dietrich's younger sister, by seven years. She is much like her mother, soft-spoken and sweet. She and Dietrich got along as well as any siblings might. However, Krista was far too keen on finding herself a good match to become too involved in Dietrich's own personal affairs.


A soft-spoken and reserved man, Dietrich has always been quiet and introverted. Typically withdrawn, Dietrich spends much of his time consumed by his own thoughts and doubts. He oftentimes comes across as cold, although his distance is mostly in part due to his shyness and timid nature.

Dietrich is incredibly wary of new faces and strangers. His difficult childhood has led him to be skeptical and suspicious of others. Born from his past, Dietrich struggles with the thought of having always disappointed others. He is fearful of failure, and is oftentimes hesitant and reluctant to take risks. It is just another reason for him to keep his distance, and to hold others at arms reach.

Not a naturally social person, Dietrich is content being a wallflower and keeping his pool of acquaintances small and manageable. He would much rather observe, rather than engage with his peers. It often comes as a surprise when his more passionate and romantic side comes to bare.

He is a protective individual, caring deeply for those he considers close friends or family. His dedication and devotion to the object of his affection is unfleeting. He is honest, loyal and sincere in all things. Dietrich's earnestness may sometimes lead him to be seen as overbearing, critical and authoritative.



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Born to Ekkehard and Ursel Totenkopf, he was both underweight and already with a health in jeopardy. The doctors worked at all hours to ensure that Dietrich would survive his tumultuous birth. Ekkehard, who had high hopes for his first and only son, was quickly disappointed. Ursel, however, was quickly attached to her child.

In an out of hospitals for various ailments, Dietrich spent much of his youth in bed. Ursel would loan him books from their library. Through the pages of his books, Dietrich imagined a bright and whimsical world. Inspired by stories of brave heroes and noble knights, Dietrich often pretended to be such a strong and dauntless figure. His affinity for heroics led him to want to follow in his father's footsteps, to become a worthy Exorcist deserving of his father's pride.

However, Ekkehard made it all too clear that Dietrich's weak health would prevent him from pursuing such goals. Ekkehard instead convinced his son to focus his energy elsewhere. With hopes dashed, Dietrich retreated to his books and stories for comfort.

When Dietrich started attending school, he quickly became the target of the schoolyard bullies. Picked on for his glasses, small frame and a multitude of other oddities, Dietrich was tormented constantly. It made focusing on schoolwork increasingly difficult, and was beginning to take a toll on his very health.

One day, a young Autumn interrupted Dietrich's tormentors and shooed them away. She promised she would be Dietrich's friend, and would ensure that his bullies would no longer trouble him. The two quickly bonded over their mutual interest in the popular serial, The Exciting Tales of Vespiero. It soon became apparent that Autumn would keep her word, as the two remained friends indefinitely. While Autumn was always smitten with Dietrich, it took him a few years to realize that the feeling was reciprocated.

Growing Up



Vampiric Gifts

Still considered a fledgling, Dietrich's abilities have yet to fully manifest. As his sire is Carmilla, Dietrich's thirst is tolerable and far less demanding than most of his peers. So far, the powers that have awakened have been mostly mundane. His natural senses have been heightened, primarily his vision. He is also considerably stronger, and possess more energy and stamina than while he was human.

Other Information

Despite having his poor vision corrected, Dietrich still wears a pair of glasses. It's mostly for Autumn's benefit, as she has grown so accustomed to seeing him with glasses, that he looks strange without them.

The nickname Cupcake was one Dietrich acquired in his youth. During a school play, where the children dressed in various foods, Dietrich had the honor of being dressed in a cupcake costume. Since then, Autumn has been teasingly referring to him as Cupcake.

While not officially a part of the Sang Haute, his close affiliation with Carmilla grants him much the same access and privileges allowed to the members of the group.