In a world overrun by monsters and Demons, the Exorcists work to fight against the tide of evil. Pushing back the forces of Hell and protecting the people of Spire, one of the few remaining bastions on an otherwise desolate and ruined Earth.

Of Monsters & Demons

Centuries ago, the world ended in a catastrophic event that left civilization in ruin. What remained of mortalkind was but a bleak shadow of what once was. Scattered like the dust in the wind, mortalkind seemed to be standing on the precipice of extinction.

Despite all odds, the mortals of Earth rebuilt what they could. Banding together, they relinquished ages worth of hatred to pull together in an effort to forge a new life for themselves. Few cities survived the cataclysm. Those that had were but bare skeletons, a far cry from the gleaming, glittering metropolises of ages past.

The Spire, constructed during eons past, is one of the few bastions remaining on this barren Earth. Standing against the scathing sands of the wastelands surrounding it, the Spire has allowed its inhabitants an existence worthwhile. The Spire is a massive tower, upon which mortalkind has built their sprawling megalopolis.

After the cataclysmic events of ages past, Demons and other monstrosities have wrecked havoc upon mortalkind. To protect the citizens of the Spire, the Aristocracy have deemed it necessary reinstate the Exorcists. Once an organization dedicated to protecting the old world from otherworldly threats, they have been reborn into a fighting force to defend the Spire and her people. Exorcists have been tasked with fighting against the hordes of Demons that would see this world undone entirely.

It is now the year 2292, and it would seem the forces of Hell have begun to mobilize against the mortal realm. Dark forces are at play, and the end of all mortalkind may be at hand.

About this Wiki

Welcome to the Blood Tied wiki. This is a repository for all the characters that appear in Blood Tied, as well as setting descriptions and important terms. Blood Tied is a story that is still currently in development. Please use the navigational links above to find descriptions and information for the characters of Blood Tied, which are categorized by affiliation, such as Exorcists, Demons or Other Characters. For more information about the setting and the world of Blood Tied, please visit the Appendix pages.

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